Braked AB Exercise Wheel # SA457 from Tajmahal

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This exercise, rich in breaking system, will be your body for regular use. So buy today to make yourself attractive!

* Exercise wheels with brake design is ideal for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their abs, shoulders, arms and back.

* Start looking great, the easy way & Total body exerciser

* Brake reduces slip injuries

* Brake will automatically release

* Sturdier and strong support for AB exercises

* Result with Slims, trims & tones abdominal, waist, arms, back & shoulders with dual wheel design for increasing stability

* AB wheel is compact and portable, use it anywhere, anytime

* Just a few minutes a day, in the comfort and convenience of your home / office simply rolling AB wheel forward and backward, you can tone and firm your entire upper body.

* AB wheel is great, you control the degree of your workout by rolling farther or closer to strengthen easily, stretch and firm.

* They can help you reduce your waistline, burn off excess calories.

* Helps to strengthen and tone abs, shoulders, arms, and back

* Non slip Plastic handles provide a comfortable grip

* Features two wheels for added stability

* Reduce your waistline and burn off excess calories.

* Do a full body exercise with this Rolling AB wheel

* Easy for install and dismantle, so it can be used at home or even travelling. 

Color: Green

Dimensions: 7 x 27 cm

Diameter: 14.5 cm

Material: Rubber / Plastic / Metal

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