Fitness GYM Workout Power Twister # SA503 from Famous Market 24

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Product Code # SA503

Key Features
How to use:
1. Arms bent, curved spring force in the back of the neck.
2. Arms forward and upward bending of the spring, then relax.
3. Arms close to the chest, bending the spring, then straight, slowly relax.
4. Standing, feet apart, bend the right elbow with his left hand bend spring, then bend the left elbow with his right hand bent spring.
5. Both arms behind clenched spring, and then gradually straighten bent downward.
Fitness GYM Workout Power Twister Bar Heavy Duty Spring Arm Chest Strength Body Muscle Training
The power twister is one of the best fitness tools you could use to build your upper body strength and arm muscles. 
100% Brand New And High quality 
Arm Exerciser Grade:50kg 

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