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If you are someone who must leave the country frequently. And meet with rumpled clothes.And then look beautiful gruesome Hetian steam irons Portable Fold - blue / white steam iron crema carry this device can help. Whether you are traveling to a seminar. Vacation Just carry portable steam iron is over. Your life would be easier.

Features :
Hetian Steam Iron Portable Folding - Blue / White can adjust the heat as conventional irons.Rolled, coated with Teflon. Do not make a scratch
Specifications :
* Name: Travel Steam Iron
* Color: White
* Shell Material: Plastic
* Voltage: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz
* Model Number: cl-258b
* Power: 700W
* Voltage: 220V.
* Iron - a small, portable
* Controlled by use of fabrics.
* Water storage The water level can be seen clearly in the irons.
* The handle can be folded
* Lightweight, comfortable to carry.
* Ideal for travel
* Are rare in the mall rarely sold.
* Convenient to carry a small lighter. Household appliance Ideal time to different pockets of water can spray water ironing.
* 700 W
* Adjust the temperature
* Foldable
* Weighs 450 grams
* Cord length 1.4m
* 7.5 cm. (W) x 14.7 cm. (L) x 10 cm. (H).
* 7.5 cm. (W) x 14.7 cm. (L) x 4.5cm (H) when folded.

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