Rechargeable LED Light with Fan # EC131 from Surjomahal

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Product Code # EC131

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Like it or not, times of emergency are inevitable every now and then. See to it that you're prepared at all times with the Rechargeable LED Light with Fan. Packing the function of two devices in one body, this is a must-have device for your household. 

The Rechargeable LED Light with Fan doesn't just give you respite from the heat, but also spares youfrom darkness. It features 32 pieces of power efficient LED bulbs that shine brighter than ordinary bulbs. The rechargeable lamp can be used up to eight hours which is extremely useful in pitch black situations where visibility is poor. However, using the light and fan function at the same time will cut down the time of use to four hours. 

Aside from being a functional emergency tool, the Rechargeable LED Light with Fan is also a user- and environment-friendly device. Even your kids will be able to use it since it's easy to operate and is lightweight. 

Always be ready when blackouts and other unexpected circumstances arise with the Rechargeable LED Light with Fan. Also, don't forget that Lazada still has a plethora of other flashlights and mini-fans you could choose from.


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